Respawn Service

Our Respawn service will help you get your PC running so that you can play your favorite games and use your favorite programs again.

Our PC technicians are CompTIA certified and experienced PC builders. We have built thousands of systems over the years and can quickly resolve any PC issue.

Reach out using our web chat, contact us form, or call to learn more.

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tech support

Here at RGB CustomPC, we're all about delivering top-tier customer service. That's why we offer comprehensive computer repair services to pinpoint any issues and recommend the best solutions to get you back on track.

Need a helping hand? Our tech support wizards are here to answer all your burning questions and fine-tune your devices for peak performance. Ready to revolutionize your computing experience? Reach out to RGB CustomPC today for all your computer needs!

Expert PC Repair Services

Experiencing computer troubles? Whether it's refusing to power up or just not performing as it should, fear not! Our seasoned technicians are here to dive into the problem and uncover the perfect solution to get your device back on track. Reach out today to book an appointment for top tier support with any computer hiccup you're dealing with.No appointment necessary for repairs at RGB CustomPC! Walk-ins are greeted with open arms, and our skilled technicians are on standby to diagnose and resolve your concerns. But if you prefer to skip any potential queues, schedule your appointment online in advance. Need immediate assistance? Same-day appointments are also an option for urgent fixes. Swing by RGB CustomPC today; our team is primed and ready to assist you!

PC services that we provide include:
Hard Drive Failure: We diagnose and replace failed hard drives promptly.
Power Supply Failure: If your computer won't power on, we'll install a new PSU for you.

Memory Upgrade: Boost your desktop's speed and performance with additional RAM.
Operating System Refresh: Clear out accumulated clutter with an OS refresh for improved performance.
Windows Upgrade: Take your desktop to the next level with our Windows Upgrade service.
Hard Drive Upgrade: Extend your desktop's life and performance with an upgraded hard drive.
Overheating Repair: Resolve random shutdowns and odd behavior caused by overheating with our diagnosis and repair services.
Motherboard/CPU Repair: Ensure peak efficiency of these crucial components with our expert repairs.