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    New gaming setup | Cute and Aesthetic *and pink!*

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    I Got A New PC! - RGB CustomPC Unboxing

At RGB CustomPC we can help take your gaming to another level with our unique range of custom built pcs.

Create your ideal custom pc using our easy builder tool, tailored to the PC games you love to play! Simply select your base build for your custom pc, choose your preferred components and enjoy improved play score.

Expertly Built Gaming PCs

We also design systems for many uses including Gaming PCs, Content Creation PCs, and Esports PCs. All of our custom gaming computers are engineered to the highest specifications and are able to deliver the ultimate gaming performance so that you can experience technology like nowhere else. Featuring some of the best quality specifications and designs, we create world-class custom PCs which will last for years.


No matter where you are in your PC journey...

We can help you create your ideal, one-of-a-kind gaming PC. Using our online custom PC builder, you'll have access to components you can’t find anywhere else and a team of master PC builders that believe technology is art. We believe exceptional performance and peerless design should be accessible to everyone.

Let us build a PC for you that blows away your expectations.

Custom PCs for every user. We can’t wait to be part of your PC journey