Unveiling the Powerhouse: Dylan Sprouse's Chronicle Gaming & Content Creation PC

Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to craft a custom gaming PC for Dylan Sprouse that pushes the boundaries of gaming performance and unleashes the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in the realm of AI art. What's more, this build serves as a sneak peek into the upcoming Chronicle Gaming PC, a powerful machine designed for both gaming and content creation.


Dylan Sprouse' custom gaming pc build in black


Introducing the Chronicle Gaming PC


Before we dive into the details of Dylan's PC, let's take a moment to introduce you to the Chronicle Gaming PC—an exciting project that's on the horizon. The Chronicle PC is poised to set new standards in gaming and content creation, combining cutting-edge hardware with elegant design and optimized performance. Stay tuned for its official launch, as it promises to be a game-changer for enthusiasts, gamers, and content creators alike.


The Brain: Intel Core i9-13900K


At the heart (and mind!) of Dylan's gaming rig lies the Intel Core i9-13900K, a beastly 24-core processor clocked at 3 GHz. This processor is a powerhouse that can handle the most demanding gaming titles and AI art applications without breaking a sweat. Its high core count and clock speed make it ideal for multitasking, rendering, and running AI algorithms simultaneously.


Staying Cool: Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE LCD XT


To ensure the CPU stays frosty under pressure, we opted for the Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE LCD XT, a liquid CPU cooler with exceptional cooling capabilities. Its sleek design and black finish perfectly complement the aesthetics of the Chronicle PC, while keeping the temperature in check even during extended gaming sessions.


gaming pc cooling system


The Backbone: Asus ROG STRIX Z790-E GAMING WIFI


For the motherboard, we chose the Asus ROG STRIX Z790-E GAMING WIFI. This ATX motherboard boasts robust connectivity options, excellent power delivery, and support for DDR5 memory, making it a solid foundation for the Chronicle Gaming PC's gaming and AI art abilities.


RAM-Packed: Corsair Vengeance RGB 64 GB DDR5


Dylan’s PC is equipped with a whopping 64 GB of Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 RAM running at 6000 MHz. This memory configuration ensures lightning-fast data access and efficient multitasking, crucial for both gaming and AI art applications.


Lightning-Fast Storage: Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB NVMe SSD


Storage speed is paramount for quick game load times and AI art data handling. Dylan’s build boasts the Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB NVMe SSD with PCIe 4.0 x4 support and it delivers blistering read and write speeds, ensuring that games and AI art datasets are accessible in the blink of an eye on the Chronicle Gaming PC.


Top-of-the-Line Graphics: MSI SUPRIM LIQUID X GeForce RTX 4090


The MSI SUPRIM LIQUID X GeForce RTX 4090 with its 24 GB of video memory is the crown jewel of this build. It's designed to handle the most demanding AAA games at ultra-high resolutions and settings while also accelerating AI art tasks with its dedicated Tensor Cores.


The Enclosure: HYTE Y40 ATX Mid Tower Case

For the case, we chose the HYTE Y40 ATX Mid Tower Case in black, a sleek design that perfectly complements the Chronicle Gaming PC's aesthetic. It offers ample space for components, excellent cable management, and a sleek, minimalistic design.


stylish black custom gaming pc case


Powering the Machine: MSI MEG Ai1300P 1300W PSU


To ensure stable and efficient power delivery, we installed the MSI MEG Ai1300P PSU. This 1300W 80+ Platinum certified, fully modular power supply ensures that every component in this Chronicle PC receives the clean, consistent power it needs, even under heavy load.


This custom gaming and AI art PC we crafted for Dylan Sprouse serves as a glimpse into the Chronicle Gaming PC, a machine that's set to redefine the gaming and content creation experience. Whether it's tackling the latest blockbuster games, creating stunning AI-generated art, or exploring new horizons in gaming and entertainment, the Chronicle PC has the power to do it all.


Stay tuned for more updates on the Chronicle Gaming PC's official launch, and be prepared to witness a new era in gaming and content creation with this powerhouse of a machine.


If you would like us to build you a one-of-a-kind pc, please feel free to get in touch with our expert team. We’d love to help you! You can email us at cs@rgbcustompc.com or call us on 469-573-2712.

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