How To Build Your Own Pink Gaming PC

Creating the ideal pink gaming pc is not just about the aesthetics, you also want to get the technical features right. One way to do this is to customize your own pink gaming PC. It is no question that Pink Gaming PC’s can be hard to find. There are guides on how to build a Pink gaming PC online but how do you know it has what you need? We love the look and feel of a powerful PC built in a cool pink case and have strived for the best pink gaming PC options available.


Step 1 - Choose Your Pink PC Build


So, how do you build a custom Pink PC? Well, it’s simple! You can easily build a pink gamingPC using the customizer on our website. First, select the perfect pink build for you from our diverse catalog of gaming systems. We offer several pink PC’s such as the Pink Odyssey Gaming PC, the Pink Odyssey Airflow, the Pink Crusader Gaming PC, and the Valkyrie Gaming PC ready for customization, or you can use our customizer to pink-ify several other PC’s such as the Titan Gaming PC, or the Ice Maiden Gaming PC by adding the Pink AIO Liquid Cooler and Pink Fan selections.

 custom pink pcs in store


Why Build Your Custom Pink PC Online?

It can be a hassle to build your own PC at home, let alone configure it with the latest drivers and optimize the cooling system for maximum performance. It can take hours of research to learn how to piece everything together and then hours to assemble everything. Our PC’s come preconfigured as well as tested so you can unbox your PC, plug it in, and get to gaming with no headache!


When building your own PC you might ask , ‘what do I do if something goes wrong?’ When you build your own PC from our website, we have every part inspected, installed, and configured by a professional PC technician to make sure your PC comes with the best quality of components.


Our website features the newest technology and components so you can customize your Pink PC with the parts you will need to provide the best experience. Every PC is designed to meet our recommended standards of an excellent gaming PC and is customizable from our website using the build customizer.


To use our customizer, select a build you like and click the customize button to access the build customizer. Here you will see all of the components for the build that it comes with by default, but most components are upgradable so you can build your PC around what you want to use it for and the performance you will need.


Step 3 - Upgrade your pink PC parts


Upgrading components is quick and easy, simply select the change option next to whichever component you wish to upgrade and select the component you wish to upgrade. Some components are listed in order of performance power, like the processor and the video card. For example, if the PC you selected comes with an AMD 6500xt video card but you want the next step up in performance, you can click the change button and select the next video card available in the video cards list.


Step 4 - Pick Your Ideal Graphics Card


When building and customizing a pink gaming PC on our website, we can help you ensure that the components you are choosing will meet the recommended specifications of the apps you will be using or games you plan to play. For many games, you will want to make sure that you choose a graphics card powerful enough to provide a great visual experience.


For streaming, editing, and other content creation, the main components to consider upgrading are your Processor (CPU) and Memory (RAM). You can use your favorite search engine to find minimum and recommended specs for your applications from official sources, or we are more than happy to chat from our website during our business hours to provide a recommendation for any components in your system.


Who can build a custom pink pc?


You don’t need to be a gamer to build your own PC. Education and workplace environments are taking place in the digital space more and more, recently, making a reliable and fast computer a necessity for every household. Whether for fun and hobbies or for education, money making, starting and maintaining projects such as content creation, starting a business, or furthering your career. PC’s make everything easier and more accessible!


The Process Of Building Your Own Pink PC


When you build your own PC from our website, we put all PC’s through rigorous testing which includes installing the newest windows operating system, motherboard drivers, and the latest driver for the video card. Every custom PC that we assemble undergoes a stress test to see how the system performs under heavy load to make sure everything works great, along with a quality assurance process before the system is packaged and shipped to our customers.


When the PC arrives, you can unpackage the PC with the help of our video guide sent via email sent after your purchase is headed your way, plug in your power cable, your video display cable (HDMI or Display Port), your mouse and keyboard, any other USB devices, then turn on the PC and quickly start gaming on your new RGB CustomPC Pink Gaming PC.


How To Create The Perfect PC gaming setup


Match your pink gaming setup with a custom pink pc built and tested by professionals. You may have seen popular social media posts of entirely pink gaming battle station’s with matching peripheral devices such as a pink keyboard and mouse. You can change the look of your PC to fit your aesthetic, we offer multiple case and fan options and you can add a decorative PSU shroud to some builds with cool designs to add more flair to your PC station. Show off your awesome setup!

Or, if you need some inspiration, let's take a look at some of the essential gaming accessories you'll need to create you pink pc setup.


1. Keyboard and Gaming Mouse


Style you pink gaming PC setup with a cute pink gaming mouse and keyboard. Razer has some great pink peripherals that you will love, including their Razer Viper Ultimate mouse. At RGB, we stock the incredible Glorious gaming keyboards, including our GMMK2 pink keyboard in full size and compact options.


2. Gaming Chair


Owning a comfortable gaming chair will make all the difference to your pink PC setup, especially if you like to spend hours playing your favorite PC games. There are so many pink gaming chair styles available to choose from, but the most popular ones seem to be the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series, the Zeanus Pink and White gaming chair and the Razer Enki gaming chair. Choosing the right gaming chair for your pink PC setup will help to add a lovely aesthetic feature but also ensure you are fully supported at all times.


3. PC Monitor


Complement your pink gaming space with a matching PC monitor! There are many pink PC monitor displays to choose from, including pink curved PC monitors. The most popular ones being the pink Samsung S32BM80PUU Smart Monitor and the AOC Gaming Monitor Display AG273FXR/11. Or you can even get pink monitor covers to help add a cute decoration to your setup. For example Aspens Design Cute Kawaii monitor cover or LINXTAR monitor cover with cat ear design.


4. Gaming Desk


And of course, one of the most important items for your pink gaming setup is the desk. Investing in the right desk is essential because it has to be big enough to fit your PC and accessories, but you should also have room to rest your drinks and snacks on. To give you some inspiration, we have found some great pink gaming desk ideas for you. Including the Neo Pink Ergonomic 2 Tier Gaming Desk, SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk and the EUREKA ERGONOMIC Pink L Shaped Gaming Desk.


5. Mouse Pad


A large, high-quality mousepad in a pink color can tie your gaming station together while providing a smooth surface for your mouse. If you need some help with what one to choose, we found these great options for you. Including the Logitech G Gaming Mouse Pad, the Pink Large RGB LED Gaming Mouse Pad Mat and this Pink Mouse Pad Large Gaming Mouse Pad.


6. Cute Wall Art and Ornaments


Brighten your pink PC gaming setup with some cute wall art and desk ornaments. Consider hanging pink-themed wall art or posters to enhance the overall aesthetic of your gaming area. You could also add things like fairy lights, figurines, pink stickers or pink cushions to make the perfect gamer girl gaming station that looks visually attractive.


Expert Support Provided


Worried about running into an issue with your new Pink Gaming PC? Totally understandable. We provide remote tech support and offer a warranty on all of our PC’s for no extra cost. With many ways to reach us, you’ll find it easy to set up and support your new pc.


Get in touch with our friendly team


For more information, please feel free to contact us via our website chat or email our customer service at, or call our phone number listed under the contact section of our website.




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